Exploring Primary Production with Data

Through these Data Explorations, you will explore primary production in greater detail. Primary production is the rate at which organisms store energy through the formation of organic matter (carbon-based compounds), using energy derived from solar radiation during photosynthesis or from chemical reactions during chemosynthesis.

Primary Production Explorations

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Primary Production in General

Think and reflect on your knowledge about primary production

Primary Production Variables

Explore different kinds of variables that are collected to measure primary production

Chlorophyll-a Across the Year

Explore chlorophyll-a concentrations throughout a year

Chlorophyll-a Across the Globe

Explore chlorophyll-a concentrations throughout the globe

Chlorophyll-a in Temperate Zones of the Ocean

Explore chlorophyll-a concentration data from temperate zones of the ocean

Chlorophyll-a Near the Polar Zones of the Ocean

Explore chlorophyll-a concentration data from locations near the polar zones of the ocean

Chlorophyll-a Inshore vs. Offshore

Explore chlorophyll-a concentrations from inshore and offshore locations

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