Create/Wizard (page copy, tooltips)

On the Welcome page, go to the Top Menu Bar, click the ‘Investigations’ drop down menu and select ‘Create an Investigation’.

The Create Investigation Builder introductory page outlines the process of building an investigation for your students and states the rationale behind the structure presented in this tool. Prior to building an investigation it is highly recommended that you as a professor have previously created investigation content through the visualization tools, concept mapping tool, or using outside resources (eg. images, movies, documentation, etc.) so that you can easily enter these into the investigation as you construct it. Building the investigation within the investigation builder is broken down into eight steps: 1) Learning Objectives, 2) Motivation, 3) Background, 4) Challenge, 5) Exploration, 6) Explanation, 7) Instructor Notes, and 8) Setup. This tutorial will take you through these eight steps. Click the green ‘Next’ button at the bottom of the Create Data Investigation Builder introductory page to begin. (Note, the blue ‘Save’ button appears at the bottom of all the following pages, however, in order to save the investigation you must enter an investigation title in the ‘Setup’ tab.)