Create a Single Time Series

Simple Time Series Tool

In the Visualization Builder page, simply click the ‘Customize’ button within the visualization tool of choice to begin creating a visualization.

On the Create Visualization Instance page there are three tabs across the top that allow you to augment the view (‘configure’), ‘Preview’ the changes, and ‘Save’ a new instance of the visualization. The user enters on the ‘Configure’ view. Here the user can click the ‘Real Time’ radio button (default) to select recent data or click the ‘Archived’ radio button that will pop up an interactive calendar tool to select dates from past months or years. The user must click the ‘Apply’ button to submit the changes. To see the default data plot and source, click the ‘Preview’ tab. (Please note that the ‘Load Data Browser’ button at the bottom allows the user to select from stations and data products using an interactive map. Please see the ‘Choosing Stations Using the Data Product Browser’ documentation section for instructions on how to use the interactive browser.)

The ‘Preview’ tab shows there there are two default stations available (‘Station’ drop down menu) and three Parameters available (‘Parameter’ drop down menu). The stations and parameter displayed can be changed using these drop downs, and the dates can be changed by using the date fields on the previous page (‘Configure’ tab). More stations and parameters are available through the ‘Data Browser’ on the ‘Configure’ Tab.

When you are ready to save the visualization instance, click the ‘Save’ tab at the top of the page. Then the user enters a title, description, and can upload a thumbnail to represent the visualization. Finally, the user must click the blue ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page to save the visualization instance into the database.