Workspace Buttons Overview

The buttons above the workspace on the Concept Map Builder are described from left to right below:

1. Hammer - “Build Mode” Menu options:

  • Center Map to Window: aligns your map to the center of the window.
  • Fit map to window: fits concept map to whatever size window that is currently being viewed.
  • Toggle color blocks: will remove or show the color blocks.
  • Toggle scale bar: will remove or show the scale bar.
  • Embed map: when clicked, a pop-up menu will appear with filled-in “width” and “height” fields (adjustable), an option to select from standard sizes, and a box with the HTML text needed to embed the map onto any webpage.
  • View map content: opens a pop-up window that lists out all concepts and their descriptive contents.
  • Show Map XML: shows the XML code for the concept map.
  • Export as PNG: saves concept map as a .PNG image file.
  • Save as PDF: saves concept map as a PDF document.

2. Tool Tips: when toggled “On”, pop-ups with helpful tips and guidelines will appear as the user clicks through the map. Click to turn “Off”.
3. Resource Browser: opens a searchable list of assets (other concept maps, visualizations, lessons, images, and videos).
4. Vocabulary Navigator: search and explore related terms to an existing concept map and to get more information for unfamiliar terms.
5. Concept Tool: click to toggle between various concept shapes.
6. Line Tool: click to toggle between connecting line options.
7. Text box Tool: click to add a text box to an existing concept map.
8. Grid Lines (on vs. off): click to turn grid lines on or off.
9. Build Mode: click this button to edit a map.
10. Preview Mode: click this button to view the map in “present-preview” mode.