Interacting with Existing Objects (Concepts, Lines)

Moving Objects

  • Once concepts and text boxes are planted on the workspace, they can be moved around the screen, while lines and forks can be stretched or shrunk.
  • To move the entire map, simply click and drag your mouse around the workspace.
  • To move a concept or text box, click and drag it to the desired location.

Manipulating Lines

  • To enlarge or shorten a fork or a line, click on the line/fork and use the square “handle” located at the base of the line/fork to drag the line to its desired length.
  • To move the entire line around the workspace, click on the line and drag it to the desired location. Note: if the line is attached to a concept, the concept will move with it. See “Snapping Objects” to learn how to separate concepts and lines.

Manipulating Curved Lines

  • Turn “handles” on by clicking once on the line you wish to move.
  • A round handle will appear away from the body of the curve, attached by faint lines.
  • Drag this handle to adjust the curvature and direction of the line.

Manipulating Forks

  • Turn “handles” on by clicking on the forked line you wish to move/edit.
  • A handle will appear that will allow you to move the crossbar up and down.
  • An “add tine” button will appear and upon clicking on it, a new line will drop down from the existing fork.
  • To modify a line within the fork, simple double click on the line and click and drag on the square “handle”.
  • To attach a fork “tine” to a concept, double click on the line and drag the handle until it hovers over a concept and release. The concept will flash blue and the line will become attached to the concept.