Create New Objects (Concepts, Lines, Text Boxes)


  • Click the “Concept" tool, select a shape, then double click on the workspace to plant a concept.
  • Once planted, clicking on the concept opens a second menu that allows for individual concept editing (color, text, opacity, line thickness).
  • Concept dimensions can also be edited after planting using the expanding arrow button.


  • Click on the “Line" tool, make a selection (straight, curved, forked), then double click on the workspace to plant the line.
  • Once planted, the line can be “pulled” (using the square handles) and attached to concepts.
  • Connecting phrases can be added by clicking within the “new” text box on the line.

Text Boxes

  • Click on the “Text Box" tool then double click on the map workspace to plant a text box.
  • Double click within the text box to add text and change the text box properties.