Attaching concept maps to concepts

  • The Resource Browser button is located at the top of the concept mapping work space. To search for a concept map to add, first click the “Resource Browser” button. A pop up will appear with a “Search by Keyword” field and a list of available resources. Simply type your query into the search box and high “Search”
  • To attach the map, click the checkbox to the left of the map in the Browser and hit “Add Selected”. The popup window will disappear and you will be directed back to the concept map workspace. Now, a blue box should appear over the workspace that shows your selected resources.
  • To attach a map to a concept, simply click and drag the map over a visible concept (must be outside of the blue Resource box). An icon depicting that specific resource (camera for image, etc) will appear and the concept will flash blue as you “drop the image” onto the concept.